Our Services

What we do:  We help people manage their finances to pursue their life goals.  We get paid as financial consultants who manage advisory accounts on a fiduciary basis-putting our clients interests first-for a percentage fee.  The larger your account, the better our revenues.  We have the same objective as our clients-to build, grow, and conserve their wealth.  The discussions are free, as is any supplemental financial planning work to connect your money to your real life.

How we do it:  The Strategic Asset Management platform offered by LPL Financial is well-suited to our strengths and common interests.  It affords the opportunity to own a wide variety of investments in an individually managed account, structured to work towards your specific goals.  Our key activities include talking with clients, investment research, and portfolio management.

For Whom:  Our most important work is for those who need their money managed effectively over the long term.  In our working years, we tend to focus on account values and wealth accumulation.  In retirement, the approach usually changes to generation of income and wealth preservation.  We are here for those who could use a helping hand through this financial journey.  A journey that we will take together.


We are not a sales organization.  We have no "new business" goals.  Our goal is to grow and preserve client assets.  If you believe you could do somebody a favor by recommending us, you may send them a link to this website https://www.focuswealthmgmt.com so they can get to know us, or schedule a complimentary meeting.